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Afican Cast Iron Swivel Coupler/casting scaffolding coupler

2015-08-16 10:16:10

   We manufacture a wide range of scaffolding couplers that are in enormous demand at both national as well as international market.Out of all the couplers, swivel couplers have proved to be the most cost-effective couplers to be used in erecting scaffolds. This type of coupler is an ideal choice for joining scaffold tubes at any angle with less movement. All our swivel couplers are highly reckoned in market for their sturdy construction and rigid structure.


-Cost effective;

-Prevent system shock;

-Easy mobility

-Reduce downtime and maintenance;

-Easily aligned with other system components;

Applications: Used to connect scaffold tubes at any angle


Name:  Swivel Fasteners/Couplers

Material: (Malleable) Cast iron


Tubes: 48mm

Surface:  painted(Red/blue)

Main products:

Couplers/fasteners:  We can offer all kinds of couplers like  Connecting Coupler,  Right-Angle Coupler,  Swivel Coupler, and the sort as you demand.

Delivery time:30days after receiving deposit

Packing:in nylon bags or customized package

Reminder:Product consulting, please use Chinese, thank you!

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